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Who Decided That It Is A Good Idea?

Fine art consultants provide a wide variety of information, services, and advice to museums, individual collectors, and national corporate companies about the purchasing, procurement, placement, and evaluation of fine art collections or items. These individuals or companies often work in close conjunction with art dealers and art galleries, as well as art restoration specialists. A fine art consultant can provide critical information regarding art collection value, authenticity, condition, and esthetics of selected works of art. Additionally, they can help restore, repair, or assess art that is severely damaged, expired, or stolen.

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Art collectors and fine art consultants often came together to share their expertise and knowledge of art collecting or fine art consulting. The fine art consultants and artists in the research and consultation groups are all experts on certain topics related to their areas of expertise. When these experts make their comments and recommendations to the art buyers and sellers, the buyers and sellers are likely to take their advice seriously and make informed decisions about what to do, how to proceed, what to buy, where to look for, or who to hire to perform any of the actions or evaluations that are necessary to complete a specific job or task. In this case, the artists are sharing their thoughts, their careers, their experiences, and their understanding of the world of art in general.

Some artists and fine art consultants belong to professional organizations. Others belong to individual artist organizations, professional buyer clubs, or art dealer networks. Still others may belong to not-for-profit art galleries, museums and dealers, or professional review boards. The actual artists and art consultants and the buyers and sellers of fine art work for the same causes, though they may have different means of expression. Art buyers and sellers often have common causes and same goals in looking to acquire or invest in art objects. Whether they are independent artists, members of professional artist organizations, art dealers, collectors of contemporary art, or members of a not-for-profit organization, all of them share some of the same goals in terms of increasing access to fine art and artists, improving the environment, ensuring the sustainability of cultural heritage and art purchasing and selling practices, as well as ensuring quality, value and creativity in art objects and artwork.