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What Is The Average Art Consultant Salary?

The art consultant salary is calculated on a number of different factors, including the age of the consultant, experience, industry and location. Generally, the art consultant makes his or her income through commissions, fees or a combination of these two. Since commissions are usually given on the basis of the number of paintings that are made rather than the quality of the painting, the art consultant salary does not normally include any of the aesthetic or marketing aspects of the art production process.

The average art consultant salary for an experienced professional is $60,000 annually. Art consultants work most often with individuals or companies and assist them to develop art projects. They make their extra income by taking their fees from the successful completion of their project. Though this type of work generally requires fewer appointments, the compensation for an art consultant is usually higher than the average salary of a stay-at-home mother.

The average art consultant salary and experience are subject to change depending on the specific art consultancy firm that an individual works for. Some companies hire art consultants as a one-time visit to an exhibition, while others use them to create a small “art Lab” within the office. The art consultant salary that you receive depends largely on what position you are considering and how much you want to be paid. An art consultant can be hired as an independent creative director, providing art consulting services as part of a company’s artistic strategy or as a member of a firm working as a team to develop new projects and bring art to the public. The more experience and training that you have, the more money that you will make.