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Should I Buy Refurbished Office Furniture?

Choosing refurbished furniture for your new office space, be it small or large, is quite a sizable decision and like anything, comes with both pros and cons. One of the biggest reasons one would opt for refurbished furniture is the cost. You can get new office furniture in many cases a lot less of the cost of a new desk, table or any other item. There are many companies that specialize in supplying refurbished furniture and can help you choose exactly what you need to fit your office space perfectly.

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When you purchase refurbished furniture there are two main benefits. Firstly the pieces are extremely well built and will be very solid. Although they will have been used many times before, you will not find them rusty or scratched. In addition to this, when you consider the money you save buying refurbished furniture you can afford to buy new furniture that won’t strain your finances further.

Another benefit when purchasing refurbished furniture is that you have access to a large choice of different types of wood and finishes. When you consider just the price of purchasing new desks, tables, chairs and sofas, you could easily fill your new office with dozens of different pieces of furniture. With refurbished pieces you get a choice of wood, finish and size. This means you can create a unique and individual piece of furniture to fit in with the overall theme of your office.

The downside to purchasing refurbished furniture is that the quality may suffer a little. Although many people claim not to have noticed, you might still find some flaws in the wood. As with new pieces, if you do spot something wrong you can exchange or return the items. Some people also find that some refurbished furniture is not exactly the same as some of the brand names they are used to. This is something that you might have to keep an eye out for as it would be unprofessional to present your clients with pieces of new furniture and then discover they have the same look as a cheap knock-off. Most companies offer a refund or exchange scheme and many people find that this is easier and hassle-free than dealing with the hassle of returning the items themselves.

In addition to these disadvantages there are some advantages. If you choose to buy refurbished furniture you will find that it is a good value for money. In many cases, the company selling the old furniture has found ways to repair them and make them as good as new ones, so you should not see the value of buying something that is barely new.

However, the downsides of buying refurbished office furniture are also significant. Buying new can save you money but if you buy something that is of inferior quality, you are likely to spend more in the long run. You can also be sure that the new furniture you buy will not be sold as second hand goods. It is always wise to get expert advice before committing to buying refurbished furniture.