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Recent Trendy Designs

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Are you planning on home remodeling & decorating? Are you tired of the look of the same old home that you’ve had for over 30 years? Then it’s time for a change! Why not consider making a home makeover? You can have the perfect home as you wish.

Visit the Home Remodeling & Decorating Show to get ideas, tips and advice for designing your dream home. There are several events held at the fairgrounds including the Home Improvement Show. The Home Remodeling & Decorating Show offer everything you need for your next home remodeling project! Come visit the Home Improvement Show and find out how to turn your home into a home of your dreams. During the show you’ll also be able to shop for beautiful new home furnishings, home decor and home accessories.

The Home Remodeling & Decorating Show are held every July at the El Centroplex Park in Tucson. The Home Improvement Show is held at the fairgrounds between the hours of noon to 2 p.m. each day. Visitors can come for the free exhibit, but if you want to shop for beautiful home furnishings, home decors and accessories, or find great home improvement tools and supplies, you’ll have to go shopping elsewhere. Visitors who stay beyond July can visit the fairgrounds any time between the hours of noon to 2 p.m. for the July Home & Garden Fair.

If you want to go to the fair during the day, there is a free exhibit you can visit called “Tucson Design Week.” This is held from the second week of May to the thirteenth week of July. This is an amazing opportunity to see all that Tucson has to offer by just visiting the fairgrounds between the hours of noon to 2 p.m. Visitors to this exhibit can take home free stuff like furniture, home decors and home furnishings, as well as learn about Tucson’s exciting home remodeling & decorating scene.

The second annual Arizona Rose Festival takes place on the first weekend in May. This is a free event you can attend with your family and friends. They will meet at the Heritage Park in Tucson, where they can enjoy delicious meals, live music, demonstrations, and a variety of home decorating and gardening displays.

Tucson is home to many top garden shops, including Garden Builders, LLC. At the fairs you can check out their many decorating samples and pick up home decorating products for home decorating and gardening. Other local garden shops, such as Tomales Yard, LLC, will have beautiful flowers, plants, and yard art displayed for you to look over. The Arizona Department of Agriculture will also be holding a home and garden fair in conjunction with the fair.

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Tucson’s Fairmount Park is a fascinating place for anyone who loves to spend time in the garden. Visiting the parks allows you to sit and relax while watching beautiful flowers bloom. You can also find beautiful home decorating and gardening items at the fair. Visiting the home decorating shows allows you to get ideas for home improvement projects you would not ordinarily try. And since the fair runs over a three-day schedule, it’s an excellent opportunity to see all that Tucson has to offer by being there for the duration.

In June the University of Arizona has an exhibit called “Garden Lights: The New Style of Light.” This exhibit allows the students the chance to use contemporary garden lighting in creating environmentally friendly and energy efficient home remodeling and decorating. There will also be food and wine samples at the fair which may interest you if you are interested in home remodeling and designing. In July the University of Arizona will be holding an exhibit entitled “Home Improvements: Trends and Practice.” This exhibit will allow you to view some of the more popular styles currently popular with home owners remodeling and designing their gardens and yards. This will also include some new trends being integrated into landscaping design that you might find interesting.