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New artist on the rise ! Armen Rian

A New Artist From the area of South Florida has emerged and is growing in popularity. Exclusive Pieces at Picture Framing Warehouse Florida and Picture Framing Warehouse in New Jersey

While the public may think that celebrities have complete freedom to create art, that is not necessarily the case. While it is possible to find unauthorized works, it is difficult to track them down. The costs of hiring attorneys to pursue legal action are far too high, and many artists cannot afford such an expense. Fortunately, there are a few ways to get your celebrity’s art protected. These guidelines will help you find out what your rights are.

There are a few sites on the internet where you can find original paintings and other Celebrity Artwork. Saatchi Art is an excellent source for fine art prints of famous artists. You can also find original celebrity paintings on other sites. You can even buy prints of these pieces. If you prefer original works of art, try SaatchiArt. They offer over 14,017 pieces of work by renowned and emerging artists from all over the world.

If you don’t want to risk getting sued, you can choose not to sell your artwork if you have the permission of the person featured in it. This is important because many fans of the celebrities are fans of theirs. However, it is essential to get the permission of the celebrity before selling their portraits. The right of publicity extends to celebrities, and it is illegal to sell the name of another person without the consent of the person who has the rights to it. Otherwise, you risk being sued by the person whose portrait you’ve painted.

The author has cited a case in which an artist who has painted a celebrity’s portrait was not able to avoid a lawsuit. This case highlights the need to be cautious when selling a celebrity’s image to the public. While the artist’s rights are not compromised by copyright violations, it is important to know that they do have the right to sue. In such a case, it is crucial that the artist’s work is truly a unique work of art.

While the media often focuses on the negative aspects of celebrity artwork, it can also be a great way to spread awareness. While most of us have heard of the artist who has created artwork for charity, you may have never seen them before. If you’ve never seen their work before, you can check out the many examples of the famous people who have used this technique. If you don’t know about these artists, it’s best to follow the star’s name and work style to avoid problems.

The most likely cause of a celebrity artwork being stolen is a celebrity’s own ego. If a celebrity has a piece of art owned by a public figure, he or she will have no trouble selling it. The best way to protect your work is to be as honest as possible. A good artist will be willing to share their work. If you don’t, you can expect a lawsuit that will be against you.

Thats Why Most Celebrities Choose To Commission their own Paintings so they own the rights to the artists creation. An Artist out of South Florida has been making a buzz in the fine art world by doing commissioned paintings only with his unique portraits and graffiti style artwork if you had a chance to see his entire collection there is no doubt your eyes would be amazed at the creations of Armen Rian.

The only problem is he maintains such exclusivity that each of his pieces are not only original but never to be duplicated and owned by the person who commissioned him so seeing his whole collection would be a difficult task to accomplish. He has however Caused quite a buzz recently and has artwork on display in 2 locations only, one is located in pompano beach fl, Picture Framing Warehouse FL. The other location you can see some of his artwork on display is located in Patterson New Jersey. Picture Framing Warehouse NJ.

one can only wonder how much he charges for a commissioned painting. but I would sure love him to make one of me and for me.