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Home Appliance Choices – Stay “On the lookout” For the Best Appliances

Stainless Steel appliances have been an everlasting favorite in home appliance choices for over 2 decades. For most of those years consumers have lain hand on the pulse of everyday appliance usage trends. However, can the stainless trend live on? Are stainless steel appliances still as popular, and more importantly will they still be popular in years to come?

One of the biggest questions in recent homemaker polls is whether homeliness will be a lasting trend or a fleeting fad. The answer is a resounding yes! While stainless steel continues to be the clear choice in home appliance choices for both function and style, other appliances are quickly falling behind and are seeing a dwindling number of consumers opting for these “designer” appliances over the “homeliness” of stainless steel.

The latest trend in home appliances seems to be towards the “cheap & chic” category, including compact fluorescent light bulbs, high-end geothermal heaters, and electric space heaters. While many of these appliances are absolutely beautiful in every aspect, they are often noticeably cheaper than stainless steel, especially when looking at the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices. With consumers looking for the best deals, this can have a significant impact on the longevity and popularity of any given appliance. For this reason, it is important that consumers do their research before blindly purchasing any one of the latest, greatest appliances on the market today; it may not be “the one”.