We have a bespoke service for advising businesses and individuals on buying contemporary art. ROOM has been operating for six years in two cities and having exhibited over 50 artists we have very broad experience within the industry.

We offer personal consultations and will source for you the kind of work suitable for your needs. We begin with meetings at ROOM gallery for discussions and assessment and then will source suitable work from artists’ studio visits, galleries, museums, or artfairs. We are familiar with artists not only from London but across the UK and internationally as well as having links with a wide range of commercial and artist-run galleries. You can be as involved as you wish, or simply leave it to us. 



We have evenings at the gallery for people to learn more about the contemporary art world, galleries and the art market. Individuals can have an intimate guide to the current exhibition in the gallery, look at work by a range of other artists as a presentation and with catalogues, and are advised how to start a collection. Whether you are a novice or have some experience, these informal but informative evenings give you a chance to look behind the scenes.

Further details of these events can be found in the NEWS & Blog section of the homepage.