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Are Writers… Artists?

Perspective on Art from a Free Lance Writer

Writers Vs Artists in Comics

Chris Shehan has a very interesting article in the new book by New York Times Magazine, where he compares and discusses the differences between comics artists and writers. He starts out by talking about how there are so many similarities between superheroes such as Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman that it’s hard to make a distinction between the two. He then goes on to say that although there are some clear distinctions between the two, they are sort of blurred together. He goes on to say that there are three types of artist, which are:

Writers vs Artists

Artists are the first category of people who come to mind when one thinks of comics. Writers are people such as Stephen King or Peter Bagge. So, does all of this mean that the category in comics is weaker than the Artists? No, I don’t believe that at all. In fact I believe that the Writers vs Artists discussion are pointless and the difference between writers and artists should not even be discussed. But, if you want to read an interesting article than you might check out the New York Times article.

This is basically a discourse by somebody who happens to be a comics artist. The thing that separates writers from artists in comics is nothing more than talent. The more talented the person is, the better the work they do and the more successful they become. It’s really as simple as that. So, rather than waste your time with a bunch of noise that doesn’t make any sense, I would recommend that you go out and get yourself a good book or video that explains the difference between writers and artists in comics so that you don’t have to waste your time listening to nonsense.

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A Large Debate Has Conflicted Many Prolific Visual Artists With Many Commenting on the Question topic on Quora – Whats The difference between a writer and artist? like this guy below.

“They’re both artists with different mediums, much like how actors, game designers, and composers are also artists.

If an individual creates something, they are artists, even if they don’t use paint. The only thing an artist truly needs is their imagination to create something new and unique.”

Perspective of a Free Lance Writer

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She says ” What Distinguishes a Great Artist from a Good Artist? First We Need to Define Great Art then we Can tackle Great Artist.”

“We Take Talented People For granted and unfortunately its the reason why most of them live going unnoticed only to reap fame after they pass away”

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