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Acrylic Printing – the New Photo Printing Trend 2022

Acrylic Printed Photos – What is Acrylic Printing?

acrylic printed photos

For a touch of elegance in any room, tabletop acrylic photo prints can be a great choice. Available in 6×4″ and 8×6″ sizes, they’re the perfect size to mix and match. A tabletop photo print also looks chic on a desktop.

There are a few considerations when choosing an acrylic printing lab. While some labs may print directly to the acrylic surface, the results tend to be inferior. The photos produced by this method have less detail and sharpness, and the dynamic range is significantly reduced. If your looking to learn more about Acrylic Printing and how its becoming the new photo printing trend for 2022 keep reading.

Is Acrylic the New Canvas For Artists in 2022?

Printing Photos on Acrylic

The look of acrylic prints is similar to that of painted museum images. They’re incredibly vivid and bright, creating the illusion of a three-dimensional image. These are also great for homes with minimalist decor. Acrylic prints also work well in restaurants and boutique hotels, where the overall ambiance and aesthetic is more relaxed and professional. In this way, you can enjoy a beautiful photo in the comfort of your own home. And the best part? These are available at an affordable price.

Wondering how this process is done? Read our previous post on how to print photo’s on acrylic. below we will list your options and some different places you can visit to get your photo’s printed on acrylic as well as framed if you wish to opt for an upgrade.

Another option for printing photos on acrylic is to order them from an online photo printing store. Easy Canvas Prints is a great option, This site offers a variety of options, ranging from face-mounted prints to mosaics. The prices on this website depend on the size of the print, the style of frame, and the number of prints. You can even get acrylic photo blocks in various sizes, as well as photo blocks of various shapes and styles. There are some downsides to ordering them online, though, like the shipping costs and quality assurance guarantees.

Acrylic Printing Vs Canvas Printing – Acrylic Artwork 2022’s New Trend

Printing photos on Acrylic vs Canvas Printing

acrylic printing versus canvas printing

When it comes to prints, you should consider the durability and cost of acrylic printing versus canvas printing. These two materials are different in many ways, but both offer superior color and durability. In a high-activity environment, acrylic prints tend to resist external elements, like moisture and UV rays. On the other hand, canvas prints can come tumbling down due to frame damage. However, they can look great in quieter areas.

A web to print service provider can perform acrylic printing on canvas. The process ensures that the ink is spread evenly across the canvas, giving you a vivid photo replica. Unlike canvas art, acrylic prints often have rivets on their corners, giving them an aggressive feel. This allows acrylic prints to be displayed in environments with metal and other heavy materials, including walls. For this reason, it is a good idea to consult with a professional before deciding which is right for your home.

One Web Service which offers both Acrylic photo printing and having your photos printed on canvas is easy canvas prints. They offer a variety of different materials to print on 2 of the most popular of course, Canvas printing and Acrylic printing.

Framed Acrylic Artwork on Glass

Can You Frame Acrylic Printed Photo’s?

Art on Acrylic Glass

Printing images on acrylic glass offers a variety of benefits. Not only does acrylic glass offer a high-gloss finish, but it also protects the image from scratches and damage. Its clarity, depth, and polished edges add to the 3-D effect. Optical-clear acrylic glass increases the image’s depth and sharpness. Printed images will appear lifelike and vibrant. If you’re looking to create a unique wall hanging, consider printing art on acrylic glass.

Printed art on acrylic glass gives a contemporary, vibrant look, while canvas offers a more traditional, old-fashioned appearance. However, canvas prints are often purposefully grainy to simulate the look of oil paintings. In addition to this, acrylic provides a wider color gamut. You can choose a format to match your decor or combine several formats in one hanging scheme. And if you’re looking for a more eclectic look, you can also choose art on acrylic glass that reflects your personal tastes.

Frame and Hang Your Photos on Acrylic

Floater Frames For Acrylic Art

print and frame your photos on acrylic

Since Photo’s Printed on acrylic are usually borderless opting to put a regular picture frame around it tends to ruin the effect of the acrylic photo printing.

For the best quality and value, consider using a floater frame. These Frames are also trending in 2022 and leave your acrylic artwork to look as if it is floating inside a frame rather than a regular frame which would cover the edges and border.

Most people opt to leave their Acrylic printed photo’s or artwork unframed and hang them as is. How ever Adding a little more pizazz with a floater frame may suit your style much better.

Where to Print & Frame Photo’s On Acrylic?

Acrylic Photo Printing & Framing.

If you made up your mind that printing your photo on acrylic glass is the way you wish to display your memories than few options exist in where to get it done. Since this is a new trend not many art gallerys or frame shops have caught up with the times and offer acrylic printing.

One Art Gallery that has an acrylic photo printing lab and is also famous for their Custom Framing work is KH Art & Framing. You might have some luck with New Jerseys Picture Framing Warehouse as well, Their website is Njpictureframing.com. How ever if a local store is not in your options try one of the web services that offer acrylic printing you might have to sacrifice the framing and get your photo’s printed on acrylic first than once its delivered take it to your nearest frame store.

The Web Service we would recommend for acrylic printing like we mentioned before in this post about the top 4 canvas printing sites is easy canvas prints. There are plenty of others out there if you do a simple google search.