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7 Best Steam Generator Iron 2020 UK: Reviews & Buying Guide

The world is moving to better technology every single day. Yesterday, we were depending on the home phone to get connected to a person sitting far-far away; we were assured it was the greatest technology ever made to connect with someone. But today we have high tech cellular devices. We can carry around with us to any latitude in the world.

Similar to that, heavy metal bodied irons were the only solution to get those stubborn creases out of our clothes a few years ago. The time changed and the technology evolved. Today, there are incredibly better options available.

The best way to defeat the stubborn creases is by using a steam iron. The irons with tiny water pockets attached to them can get messy. These irons can leak water, the water at times finishes up too soon, and they never produce sufficient steam needed to iron the cloth. This is why we are here to help you out with some of the best steam generator irons.

While running to the office, or after washing a huge pile of clothes, we only wish for a faster and more efficient iron to mend our clothes. There are no better irons than steam generation irons. Ditch your regular iron today and move on to a better and more efficient one.

Don’t worry we have got your back. You would not have to struggle up and find the best steam generator iron UK because we have done the job for you. Here are 7 of the best steam generator iron 2020, let’s check them out. 

  1. Philips Perfect Care Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron 


  • 600g of highest steam generation power
  • Detachable water tank
  • 1.8liter of water holding capacity
  • 99.99% germ kill technology
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Size – 23.3 x 45.3 x 28.5 cm

Power – 2700 watts

Weight – 5.1kg


The perfect day starts with a perfect morning, a great bath, and flawless attire. But to make the attire flawless, you need the perfect steam generating iron. Philips Perfect Care Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron is a high performing iron that will leave your clothes without a hint of crease and flaw.

The plastic body of the iron may keep it light weighed but it absolutely does the work. It is one of the highest performing steam generating iron and thus it is one of the best Tefal steam generator iron. With a continuous 165g of steam and a maximum of 600g of steam, this iron leaves the clothes crisp.

The non burning technology helps you iron your clothes with complete ease. Ironing becomes a piece of cake. The iron has a detachable water holder that can carry upto 1.8 liters of water. This means the user can go on ironing a huge pile of clothes without any disturbance at once. It also helps you

The iron is made of plastic which makes it super easy to glide around on clothes. It reaches every single corner of a cloth and gives crispy results. The metal plate of the iron is made with a technology to kill 99.99% bacteria present on the cloth.

The powerful machinery of the iron makes it one of the best choices in the market. Coming at a very reasonable price, this piece is a value for money choice.

Pros –

  • Detachable water tank
  • Trust of Philips

Cons –

  • Makes loud noise
  • Heavy and bulky

2. Tefal GV9071 Pro Express Care High Pressure Steam Generator


  • Optimal balance of heat
  • 7.5 high pressure steam bars
  • 500g of steam generation power
  • 1.6 liters detachable water tank

Size – 48.6 x 28.8 x 36.6 cm

Weight – 2400 watts

Power – 4.72 Kilograms


Ironing clothes can be a mess if you do not have the right iron to get your job done. There are so many things one looks for in iron but the primary thing is how well it suits you.

Tefal GV9071 Pro Express Care High Pressure Steam Generator as the name suggests, is a high pressure steam generating iron that will solve all your ironing issues. The iron comes with a great tank capacity of 1.6 liters. The detachable tank makes the water filling and usage extremely easy. It only becomes a matter of a few clicks and you get an absolutely crisp piece of cloth.

If you feel that the water tank attached is getting between the job, you can detach the iron for a bit too. The iron has a whistle that will help you keep going with the steam for a bit longer.

The body of the iron is made of plastic but its heavy body puts the pressure on the cloth and gives a better finish with smoothness.

The non-sticking and non staining technology of the iron make it a more preferred choice. It comes with 7.5 high pressure steam bars to evenly distribute steam from the entire base of the iron. The high steam pressure also makes the work quicker and smarter. It reduces the time taken by almost half in comparison to any other iron.

The setting replacement of the iron is very simple too. The user will not have to struggle with choosing the right setting. It is made in order to make the experience for the user easy and reliable.

The iron is filled with features to make the experience a great one for you while you choose to work for long hours or even just for a few minutes. This makes this product a complete value for money item.


  • Detachable water holder
  • Great steam panels


  • Can leak at times
  • The wire tangles easily
  • A little heavy

3. Philips PerfectCare Elite Silence Steam Generator Iron 


  • Optimal heating iron
  • 2-minute steam ready machinery
  • 1.8 liters of detachable tank
  • Bacteria kill technology
  • 2 years warranty and 60 days guarantee money back

Size – 23.3 x 28.5 x 45.3 cm

Power – 2400 watts

Weight – 5.1 Kilograms


Ironing is the most basic need for every civilized person. We understand how a well-ironed outfit can bring anyone’s day from a terrible to filled with positivity and enthusiasm. While this may always stay underrated, we know iron can be the best friend of your clothes and then yours as well.

Philips PerfectCare Elite Silence Steam Generator Iron is a great value for money iron. The beautiful plastic body of this iron is not only going to make your eyes happy but will be a treat for your clothes too. This incredible iron comes with a huge water tank that can hold upto 1.8 liters of water. This brings the steam setting on the top list of the benefits of this iron.

Just weighing 800 grams, this iron will give you a great ironing experience, without troubling your hands with heavy loads. The antibacterial mechanism kills 99.99% of bacteria present on your clothes, leaving the clothes safe and hygienic to wear. The sole of the iron is built with scratch free technology and keeps the appliance safe from damages that can harm the cloth. 

We understand it is a piece of appliance and things can get wrong, but this one comes with two great perks. First, it comes with the brand name and trust of Philips. We all love Philips and well, the company has great products.

The second is that it comes with a sigh of relief. The company offers 2 years of warranty on the iron and along with it the customer is not satisfied, the appliance can be returned to the company within 60 days with a complete refund. This is why this beautiful hassle free iron has made it to our list of the best steam iron generator.


  • Works great on thick and multi layer fabric
  • Anti burn technology


  • Optimal heat for all kinds of clothes
  • Takes longer to heat up

4. Morphy Richards Steam Generator iron Power Steam Elite 


  • Auto clean technology
  • Safety lock feature
  • 2.2l of a water tank
  • 190g of steam output

Size – 46.5 x 36 x 28 cm

Power – 2400 Watts

Weight – 4.94 Kilograms


Finding an iron to fit your need perfectly can be a challenge. It is not just an appliance but a huge part of your everyday life and personality. No one wishes to look shabby in their wrinkled clothes, only the right iron can help you escape from it.

Morphy Richards Steam Generator iron Power Steam Elite is a great iron that comes with some of the greatest features. Starting with a huge water tank of capacity of 2.2l of water produces a great amount of steam.

The iron also comes with a lock feature that locks the iron to the platform of the body to keep it safe from any spill. The beautiful iron is not only a blessing for the clothes but will also add the charm to your room.

One great perk of the iron is that you can use it in multiple ways. You can iron the clothes using it in a common way on an ironing board. You can also use it as a vertical iron and iron your clothes as they hang on a hanger.  

Cleaning an iron can be a huge task. Iron clothes take a lot of time and then when you have to clean the iron too, it stays no more fun. With Morphy Richards Steam Generator iron Power Steam Elite, the iron cleans itself. The waste deposits in one place and then is added to the water. All the user has to do then is to pour out the dirty water and your job is done. The iron is clean in no time at all.


  • Comes with lock settings
  • Easy usage
  • Auto clean technology


  • Auto cleaning can happen in the middle of the ironing
  • Leaks water when lettings are low

5. Tefal GV9071 Pro Express Care High Pressure Steam Generator


  • 500g steam boost
  • Optimal heat
  • 1.6L of removable water tank
  • 7.5 high pressure steam bars

Size – 48.6 x 28.8 x 36.6 cm

Power – 2400 watt

Weight – 4.72 Kilograms


Finding an iron that has the perfect amount of steam generation for a variety of fabrics is no less than a miracle. The market is filled with hundreds and thousands of steam irons but there are very few pieces that may be of any value at all.

Tefal GV9071 Pro Express Care High Pressure Steam Generator is one of the best Tefal steam generator iron we have found in the market today. This iron is absolutely easy to use and does the work with great results.

It comes with mode selections. All the user has to do is select one of the 5 fabric modes and on the iron. Then in the next 5 minutes, the iron will get properly heated and will generate the amount of steam required. This will ten get your job done with no mess at all.

While using an iron, we always have the fear of accidentally leaving it on behind and causing an accident. With the best Tefal steam generator iron, one does not have to be scared of the same. The iron comes with automatic switch off technology that turns of the iron if there is no activity detected for 7 minutes. 

The iron comes with a huge detachable water tank with a capacity of 1.6 liters of water. The tank is detachable and thus the user can easily take it out and fill it up in no time. It also has 7.5 high pressure steam bars that can produce up to 500g of high pressure steam at once.

The optimal heat technology makes the iron burn resistant which means your clothes will always be safe.


  • Automatic switch off technology
  • Optimal heat settings for burn-free experience


  • No smart memory of the last setting done
  • Can take upto 10 minutes to cool down

6. Braun Care Style 3 IS3042/1WH Steam Generator


  • Different heat options for each fabric
  • 5.5 high pressure bar
  • 330g of steam pressure boost
  • Optimum performance
  • Digital nondrip technology

Size – 36 x 18 x 28 cm

Power – 2400 watt

Weight – 4.8 Kilograms


Everyone needs a best friend and so does your wardrobe. Have you ever tried wearing creased and wrinkled clothes out of the house? It looks shabby and no one wishes to give a wrong impression to anyone else. Ironing clothes can take a lot of time and so this is time to switch to a better iron. Steam iron does not take long and gives you great results.

Braun Care Style 3 IS3042/1WH Steam Generator is a great steaming iron that does the job with maximum ease. With 5.5 high pressure steam bars, every piece of clothing ironed comes out fresh and crisp.

The digital nondrip technology is a steal deal at such a great price. These added values make this iron value for money appliance.


  • Anti drip technology
  • Automatic temperature setting


  • Not too great with cotton fabric
  • Bulky body

7. Bosch TDS8030GB Serie 8 VarioComfort Steam Generator Iron


  • Highly efficient cleaning system
  • 1.8liter detachable tank
  • Secured locking system
  • Optimum heat and steam control

Size – 43 x 24 x 30 cm

Power – 2400 watts

Weight – 4.9 Kilograms


Going to a corporate meeting at the office or going to a get together with friends, you cannot afford to look shabby. Your shoes need to be perfect, your hair needs to be tidy and your attire needs to be wrinkle free.

Keeping your clothes wrinkle free is a task only the best iron can help you with. Bosch TDS8030GB Serie 8 VarioComfort Steam Generator Iron works just right at your need.

This amazing iron is filled with features to give you a fabulous ironing experience. The high pressure steam system of the iron gives the clothes a wrinkle free stiff finish. With the 1.8liters of a capacity water tank, the iron is able to produce a great amount of steam in accordance with the heat of iron. This makes the iron optimal for all kinds of fabric.

The iron also comes with an efficient cleaning system. This reduces the amount of effort the user may need to put to clean the iron after use. The platform is equipped with a locking system which makes it easy and comfortable to lock the iron and then store it after use. This helps in escaping the spilling of iron while keeping it in place.


  • Locking system
  • Huge tank with powerful steam production


  • May spill water at times
  • Stiff heat changing system

Buying Guide for Steam Generator Iron

A steam generation iron can solve all your ironing troubles. But to get one, you have to understand about all the specifications you need to look for before buying a Steam Generator Iron. If you are struggling with the question “what to look for in a steam generator iron?” we have the answers for you. Here is a buying guide for a steam generator iron that will help you select the right steam generation iron for you.

Steam pressure bars –

Steam pressure bars are the measure that decides how powerful the steam will be. The steam generation capacity of the iron is important to judge before you decide to settle on one. The average powerful steam pressure bars should be between 4 and 6. The higher number of bars present on the iron, the more powerful the iron is. Make sure the iron you chose suits the purpose of your work. For home ironing, an iron with more than 4 bars works perfectly.

Grams –

Grams is the measure that describes the power of the steam being generated in the iron. This power measure tells you an estimate of the steam produced and used on the cloth by the iron. With the same, the higher number of grams the specification of irons says, the more steam it will produce.

If you wish to get a powerful steam generating iron, make sure the number of grams is higher.

Size of the tank –

The ideal size of the tank is about 500 milliliters to 1.5 liters. The amount of water the tank can hold will decide the longer the iron can keep producing steam. A larger tank is important for going on for a longer duration without any interruption.

Soleplate – The soleplate is the part of the iron that comes directly in contact with the fabric. This is why it is very important to make sure the iron has used the right metal for ironing. Each metal has its own diverging of heat. For example, aluminum works on moderate heat and supply it evenly on the cloth.

Check the metal and read its heat conduction properties to avoid any trouble later.


Question – Is a detachable tank important?

A detachable tank makes water filling and changing easier. It saves you from making a mess and makes the job faster. It is not vital to have a detachable tank, but it sure is a better option.

Question – How many high pressure bars are necessary?

The number of bars depends on the usage you have. The higher number of pressure bars means greater steam distribution and generation. Ideal steam generation iron must have a minimum of 4 to 5 bars. The more the bars, the better the iron will work.

Question – Is it important to have a lock setting on the platform of iron?

No, it is not at all important to have the locking system on the platform. However, it keeps the iron secured in one place and makes sure no accident happens.

Question – Is it right to chose the smart heat setting option iron?

A smart heat setting iron works perfectly fine. However, there can be situations where you may need higher heat and steam pressure to get rid of the wrinkles. Thus, it is better to choose an iron with manual settings options as well.

Question – Is it ok to have a bulky iron?

Yes, having a bulky iron is perfectly fine. A steam generating iron will be bulky to perform the task it is made for. There is no alternate to it as of now. The entire panel may be a little bulky, but the iron alone will not be too heavy.

Question – Is storing the steam generation iron a difficult task?

The size of a steam generator iron is huge. Yes, the appliance is bulky but it is not very fragile. It should be stored with safety but it does not require extreme care while storing. Pack it up in the box you bought the iron in and it will do the job.

Question – is it fine to use the steam generation iron of an ironing board?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to use it on an ironing board. It does not make any difference to the quality of finish it gives to the fabric.

Final Words

If you have been in a situation when all your confidence was lost because your clothes got all wrinkled as soon as you step out of the house? Well, if this has happened to you, it is time you make the choice.

For a great ironed stack of clothes, you need to buy a great steam generating iron. There are hundreds and hundreds of options available in the market but you only have to select the best price steam generator iron. To find the product that is a value for money pick, it is important for you to understand your needs first and then get onto the selection process.

We have created a guide here that will help you through the selection process. Keep all the important points in your mind as you shortlist the irons as per your need. We understand how it can be a real struggle and so we have picked out the best steaming iron UK market has for you.

While buying a steam generating iron, you can never ignore the grams of steam it can generate and the number of high pressure bars it has.  

A detachable water tank works the best as it helps you make very less mess around you and saves you from cleaning later. There are several options of irons that come with automatic cleaning as well, but we would suggest you not to go for it as it may drop the dirt in the water while you are still ironing. This will only leave your clothes stained.

We hope our reviews come out as great help to you while making the right choice. Happy ironing.