14 February 2004 - 13 March 2004

Four photographic prints shown at R O O M form part of a body of works that are specific reponses to specific spaces. These are the first in a series of new works by Prophet exploring locations that combine reflecting pools and natural sublime landscapes, with icons of the industrial or technological sublime aggregate works, steel works, power stations and other Cathedrals of Industry.

The Blot series takes account of our current ambivalence about the landscape and our desire to celebrate and retain the picturesque English countryside. There is a growing awareness that its appearance depends on agricultural policy more than any natural evolution.

The series takes its name from the process of using a blot or random instant mark as the source of the inspiration. The digital simulated trees and landscapes are made using fractal mathematics and produced in collaboration with Dr Gordon Selley. All these projects draw on works by painters such as Gainsborough, Poussin and Claude, and the landscape designers Lancelot, Capability Brown and Humphry Repton.