15 July - 17 September 2006

R O O M is showing The British Art Show together with the other members of Bristol Visual Arts Consortium which consists of Arnolfini, Bristols City Museum & Art Gallery, Royal West of England Academy, Station, and Spike Island at A Bond

Opening Friday 14 July

R O O M will be showing the work of HEATHER & IVAN MORISON and JANICE KERBEL

The artworks from HEATHER and IVAN MORISON convey the simple pleasures and passions of their own endeavours and of those they meet, from amateur floristry to beekeeping. The formal outcomes of their investigations include postcards, LED displays, slide shows, LPs, radio broadcasts, events and novels. Many of these blend factual recall with fictionalisation, merging information into a shifting narrative that builds on the mythology of their lives and the lives of the people they encounter.

The work of JANICE KERBEL utilises art as a tool for escape into the limitless horizons of the imagination. Her work functions like a conceptual trompe loeil, creating such detailed fictions that they are often more plausible than reality. An early work, Bank job (1999), sets the tone for many of her subsequent projects. Posing as an architecture student, Kerbel staked out Coutts & Co, a private investment bank in Lombard Street in London. Her months of research resulted in a master plan, outlining in exhaustive detail how to rob it....

Study R O O M
There will be 2 sessions on engaging and interpreting the contemporary art of the British Art Show with Sandie Macrae, director of R O O M. The first will be on Saturday 22nd July from 1-3pm at Spike Island at A Bond, and the second on Saturday 2nd September from 10-12am at Royal West of England Academy.

This will be a different kind of tour where the meaning of the work is drawn out through looking, reflection and discussion. A chance to hone your own interpretive skills and learn how to read contemporary art.

FREE booking essential.
Please contact R O O M 0117 9273778

Monday - Sunday 12 - 6pm