24 June 2004 - 26 June 2004

In response to an invitation to show work for Architecture Week, 50 members of the audience were clothed in costumes with architectural detailing, to create a performance which will fill the space of R O O M. This 'performance' revealed the architecture of the space while allowing it to remain empty.

Irrespective of their modern permutations, both disciplines of architecture and clothing remain rooted to the basic task of enclosing space around the human form.

The work references film eg Antonioni, and many fine artists across the 20th century e.g. Oscar Schlemmer - painter and choreographer at the Bauhaus 1934.

This clothing is made of TYVEK, a breathable eco membrane, which has a feeling close to the walls and is contained within the building.

This interactive performance was filmed and transmitted to those merely wanting to observe in the courtyard outside.
The film will was shown in R O O M for the rest of the week.