14 - 30 April 2006

'M E E T'

A four-screen video installation commissioned in collaboration with Picture This, Bristol

“Who are you? Who are you filming for? Whose side are you on?” My camera’s viewpoint was also challenged, “If you film us from the ground, you make us look arrogant – its not fair” However, ultimately my use of an anachronistic medium, the clockwork Bolex cine camera – a little eccentric and less threatening than a video camera – was my licence to continue filming the meets.

I wanted to understand how is it that these rituals, seemingly so out of sync with contemporary society exist?

Getting access to film a shoot was more difficult again: it is a more hidden and private pass-time. The beaters stride through the crops, flag in hand, “getting the birds up”. They do it for a bit of pocket money, the exercise and the company. Beaters, like the hunt supporters, often feel it “is in their blood”, that they’re continuing a tradition.

The foot followers are to be found scattered around the country lanes waiting for a glimpse of the hunt. In order to film their portraits, I followed them. They became friendlier as I reappeared each week, and would ask me as the day closed if they were going to see me next time. I soon realised that in their eyes, I had become a foot follower. My attempt to remain an outsider had failed…

The four films stop, start, never flowing smoothly: only isolated glimpses are seen. Similarly, only fragments of sound torn from their context can be heard. The form echoes the struggle I have had to make the work, my limited understanding of the rituals and their names, and my effort to piece together an understanding of these worlds.”
Louisa Fairclough

For more information or for press images please contact:
Sandie Macrae at R O O M: 0117 9273778
or Beth Alden at Picture This: 0117 9257010

Picture This is a Bristol-based moving image projects agency that commissions contemporary visual art works and produces exhibitions, publications and touring initiatives. Meet was commissioned through Picture This’ Small Wonders development scheme; the new work has been made in association with ROOM.

Private view 13 April 6-9pm

Open Thursday – Sunday 12-6pm