12 November 2004 - 12 December 2004

Whether creating work through the act of drawing, collecting, sculptural assemblages or working with a video camera, Andrew Mania is concerned with the act of looking itself. In particular he draws attention to our inherent desire or need to look at images or pictures, and to document our experience of the world through visual recordings or impressions

For his exhibition at R O O M Mania presents a number of new video works collectively entitled Moving Stills. In a series of brief and intimate narratives Mania constructs multi-layered representations in which the gaze of the artist and the lens of the video are distinct presences, in the documentation of brief moments, events and actions. Mania draws our attention to the conventions and artifice of image making and to the involvement of the viewer in a conscious act of looking.

Andrew Mania lives and works in Bristol. He has had solo exhibitions at Vilma Gold, London and has participated in significant group exhibitions such as New Contemporaries, Jerwood Drawing Prize 2002, and the Pizza Express Prospects which he won in 2001. In 2004 he was awarded a Scholarship at the British School in Rome.