3 November 2016 - 3 November 2016


The Lake Twins are London based artists who exhibit internationally. They were born in Greenwich in 1990 and began collaborating during their BA Hons at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design (2008-2012). Their work has been exhibited and archived in galleries, heritage sites, educational institutions and private collections globally. These are spread across various locations in the U.K, London, Delhi, Colombia, Russia and Lithuania. Such institutions that archive The Lake Twins work include the Central Saint Martins archive that holds The Lake Twins degree show in its entirety, and the Floodlight Foundation in Delhi, India, founded by Surbhi Modi. As students, The Lake Twins were involved in Damien Hirst's twins installation at Tate Modern gallery and additional projects at Tate Britain gallery. More recently The Lake Twins have been invited to give talks at various London galleries and heritage sites where they have exhibited.

Performance 7pm