6 October 2016 - 29 October 2016


OPENING THURSDAY 6 OCTOBER 11- 6pm with Performance at 12 midday
Exhibition open Thursday-Saturday 12-6pm until Saturday 29 October

Thursday 6 October 12 midday
Thursday 13 October 7pm
Saturday 29 October 7pm

Hinterland is a first time collaboration between two Japanese artists, London based HIRAKI SAWA and TETSUYA UMEDA from Osaka Japan.
SAWA is known internationally for videos and installations that create powerful psychological situations by interweaving the domestic and the fantastic. His works create compelling interior worlds and meditate upon themes of memory and displacement. He has chosen to work with Osaka based UMEDA in an adventurous experimental show which begins with the two working in parallel at Roaming ROOM. This will develop into a joint exhibition, including three performances which will occur intermittently during the show.
Both artists are well known in their field, but this is the first time they will collaborate.

SAWA is best known for video installations which present intimate observations of familiar surroundings. Trees growing from a table, or a clock suddenly endowed with legs are natural interventions made by SAWA, yet extraordinary and unpredictable for the audience. His use of animation, sharp attention to lighting, and meticulously composed shots, are amalgamated into layered works of contrasting scales. He has the ability to manipulate his imagination into a position that sits between the parallel languages of sculpture and film.
For each exhibition SAWA adds more refined themes to his practice. Among them are the trickery and gifts of memory, the way time can pass at different speeds, the collaging of scale and the tightly woven relationship between objects and emotional cues.
His solo shows include Chisenhale Gallery London, Dundee Contemporary, and Parafin gallery London as well as in Japan, France and Spain, Australia and the USA. His group shows include:
The 12th Biennale de Lyon, France (2013), Dark Matters, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, UK (2011) and The 6th Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia (2009)

UMEDA�S sound performance based works are interactive, enigmatic and highly experimental. He uses his own originally produced implements, exploring rewired electricity, unpredictable sounds and atmospheric transformations.
He gets ideas for his works from the environment and circumstances surrounding the exhibition space. Even spaces that at first glance seem to be nothing special, can turn out to have countless characteristics, found in the space above the ceiling or the space behind the wall - or in the position of lighting system and its structure, the material of the wall, and construction of the building, etc. He often works in spaces not normally used for exhibition and makes use of found objects like daily tools and waste scraps in elaborate systems of cause and effect relationships. Powered by gravity, wind, centrifugal force or falling objects UMEDA�s work keeps the situation unstable and unpredictable.
UMEDA has shown internationally in many groups shows and with 9 solo shows since 2009. He is based in Osaka Japan.

Open Thursday - Sunday 12:00 - 18:00