1 August 2016 - 12 August 2016

Robert Foster is an artist who works in performance, installation, sculpture and mixed media. He will prepare his work in the building over the period of 2 weeks and then finally present his tragi-comic performance over two days. His work can be viewed as light hearted or something more sinister in order to prompt questions from his audience. He is influenced by the theatre of the absurd and slapstick comedy and the building will form a backdrop to his staging of performative incidents. During his time of residence his work will incorporate and emphasise the theme of architecture and displacement that we are currently exploring.
Robert will use his time at Roaming Room to continue a new body of work focussed on alchemy and the arcane. Responding to the context of the space he will make a series of sculptural interventions that refer to his ongoing research into the languages and gestures of esotericism. These objects will act as fragments, or clues, that at first may seem incidental, but over time and with continued study, hope to allude to practices often deemed unsubstantiated. The works will also ruminate on the way in which abstract knowledge is collected, ordered and decoded. In addition, the exhibition looks to continue Foster's interest in the performative, with transient elements present within the space that create a shifting, subjective viewing experience.

Opening Thursday - Sunday 12:00 - 18:00