28 July 2016 - 30 July 2016

Alexandra Hughes is an artist based in Newcastle with a practice in the field of expanded photography. She undertakes physical explorations of the photographic medium, moving from the 2D to 3D, bringing image and material together to redefine the photographic object and to explore our mediated relationship with the landscape and wilderness.

Alexandra responds to landscape through wild swimming, walking and imagining being there. She brings those ideas and thoughts into the gallery space and creates works that are unpremeditated, intuitive and �undesigned�. There is a very direct response to the place and the objects, using materials which often clash, making the work uncomfortable but compelling.

This work is a response to a recent study trip to the Arizona Desert. The exhibition consists of lively, spontaneous and daring installations which investigate scale. In landscape it is hard to know the precise scale a photographic image represents, but both by placing an actual size hand within it and enlarging to life size she invites us to look again. Similarly the wire heads of the stick figures are matched to the size of Alexandra�s head.

These installations heighten the awareness of the multi sensory, temporal and perceptual shifts between humans, material, time and place. Alexandra is exploring the complex and temporal nature of experience and the imagination.

Opening Thursday - Saturday 12:00 - 18:00