24 October 2003 - 22 November 2003

Mach 03

Arrived late afternoon, standing by myself in an empty unfamiliar Tuscan landscape. An olive farm with nobody there, except the sound of dogs barking in the distance. Then an invisible voice began to move across the landscape, I turned to find it and white smoke began to rise, sprouting like choreographed plumes in the surrounding hills..........................

The next day I listened for the sounds of war, trying to record a sound without translation, interpretation and manipulation. Actual sounds from the place of impact, the local voices proved as illusive as the rational of war.

Lulu Quinn is showing all new sound, lightboxes, and video following a residency in Northern Italy.

Recent works include an interactive sound sculpture for Gateshead City Council and a commission for Wolverhampton University consisting of stainless steel pipes with white light and white steam.