26 April 2003 - 23 May 2003

'Daphne Wright's work plays with the desire we seem to have for an encounter with beauty in art. Much of her work is visually stunning in a relatively conventional sense. The whiteness of the plaster in her early works, which transmutes into delicate fabric patterns or organic forms, or the shimmering seductiveness of the foil covered surfaces in the later works draw us into a world of optical bliss. Yet what is central to these works is that on both the macro and micro scale - the distanced and the intimate - Wright willfully undermines this promise of pleasure.'
David Jeffreys from ANONYMOUS for Daphne Wright

According to Daphne Wright's biographical statement her work "is the result of a relentless curiosity into the way in which a range of languages and materials can create an involvement with often unspoken human preoccupations." Her practice consists of casting, making, sound recording, filmmaking and drawing resulting in series of works that explore subjects such as prayer, literature, song, ageing and death. Wright's work includes a use of materials that range plaster, tinfoil, video, printmaking, found objects and performance.

Wright's on-going series of figurative sculpture works includes the piece's Child (2011), a Jesmonite cast of the artist's son's feet, painted with water colour, and Sons (2011), a pair of Jesmonite casts of Wright's sons from the chest up. Other sculpture works such as Lamb (2006), Swan (2007) and Stallion (2009) consist of casts of dead animals that have been positioned by the artist and rendered in marble dust and resin.

Daphne Wright currently lives and works between Dublin, Ireland and Bristol, England.

Daphne Wright is with the Frith Street Gallery London.
For R O O M she was showing Intaglio photographic prints from the series 'These talking Walls'