Postcard Narratives

4 April 2013 - 27 April 2013

contributing artists:
Julie Cockburn, Daniel Eatock, Tracey Emin, Cristina Garrido, Susan Hiller, Georgie Hopton, Helen Knight, Abigail Lane, Rebecca Loweth, Sara MacKillop, Frances Richardson, Sarah Staton, and Gavin Turk.

Jeremy Cooper�s involvement with contemporary art has always been
personal and private. This, the first exhibition of his own work, is an
uncharacteristically public act�supported by the presence of artist friends
he has invited to join the show. All his and their work in this
exhibition is centred around postcards, which are themselves both
private and public, a form of communication intimate and egalitarian,
available to everyone to make what they wish.
The three best-known artists in the exhibition, Susan Hiller, Tracey
Emin and Gavin Turk, were all important to Cooper in the development
of his interest in artists� postcards�meaning postcards made as independent
artistic expression rather than merely postcards of art, or art of
postcard size.

Jeremy Cooper is best known as a writer and for his most recent work GROWING UP. The Young British Artists at 50.
He also published in April 2012 the book ARTISTS' POSTCARDS. A Compendium - This is directly relevant to the exhibition

There will also be a comprehensive catalogue to accompany this exhibition.

Opening Wednesday - Saturday 12:00 - 18:00