8 September 2011 - 16 October 2011


Rowena Hughes graduated from the Slade with an MA in fine art in 2011.
Hughes applies geometric forms to found materials in a restrained play of evocatively stylish printed matter and mathematical absolutes. Recent work develops from a fascination with Penrose tiling patterns -a complex geometric tessellation that uses two diamond shapes that can extend into infinity without ever creating a regular, repeating, symmetrical pattern. For The Split Penrose Series, Hughes has developed a printing method that allows for chance compositions, querying the gap between the logical and the inadvertent.

Consistent delicacy gets tough with time. The formation of black and white double triangles across a found surface � actual page, aerial view � means preciousness gets lost in the change of concentration and scale. The touch extends the page image to become almost an illustration of a different place in time.

Hughes was recently named in the Independent by Laura McLean-Ferris as one of the 10 most interesting artists to graduate this year.

Open Wednesday - Saturday 12:00 - 18:00