2 April 2005 - 24 April 2005


Carolyn Bunt is engaged intensely in the act of looking, and concentrates on a kind of visual scrutiny into which the viewer is drawn, generating a particular quietness and strength.
Using a medium format camera and analogue printing, she makes very exacting photographic images of architectural landscapes, achieving a close-up and intense beauty, revealing the crack in the wall, the unevenness of the plaster, and every tiny change in light reflection and shadow.

Observing unspectacular visual information that we barely register, Carolyn explores the peripheries of perception and brings it into view. This incidental ambient visual field is so familiar that it is almost invisible, looking at tiny changes of light, or the smudge of a shadow on a wall over time. This is a practice of recognition, of confirmation, an act of homage to pre-existing spaces and objects, drawing the viewer into an 'unknown place' and giving them space to withdraw and contemplate.

This show at R O O M is Carolyn Bunt's first major one person show of her work. She graduated with an M.A. from University of West of England in 2003.

R O O M B O O K S will be publishing a small catalogue to accompany the exhibition.

12.00 - 18.00 Thursday to Sunday or by appt.