23 June 2011 - 30 July 2011


Because we are currently hyper-aware of global states of flux, this exhibition inspires lateral thoughts on utopia and dystopia. On the one hand the world is tired; the resources ‘we’ rely on are slowly becoming exhausted. Yet a new source, a new power, a realization is emerging from alternative loci.

There is a new negotiation and a handing over of democracy and hope. One world tires, another wakes. Natural disasters and obscene shows of power oversee our minimal struggle.

The artists in this show provide a kaleidoscope of visions which fragment and disperse time and place from the past and to the future-or the other way around. Hope and desperation find new negotiations and each reflects, re-reflects, refracts and destabilises the other.

We live in a time of technological utopia yet we find underneath the bright surface a dark figure; a dark chaos that refuses to yield to our polished urban vision.

Carolyn Bunt recently exhibited at the Jerwood Space. She is a R O O M represented artist, has exhibited widely and has had residencies all over the world.
Adam Dix’s most notable exhibition to date was at Haunch of Venison 2010 - Three Young Artists. An important emerging artist, his work can be found in countless private collections and we are particularly pleased to be showing him in this exhibition.
Tom Hackney graduated with an MFA from Goldsmiths in 2008. He won the BOC Emerging Artist Award in 2003. His new paintings for this exhibition combine conceptual and historical ideas and show a notable new change in his working approach.
Alexandra Hughes will be showing a selection from her ongoing Polaroid collection. Hers is quiet work that evokes the past but is like ethereal dreams providing a space into which we can project our imaginations.
Alejandro Pintado graduated with an MFA from Goldsmiths in 2001. His paintings draw attention to the complex relationship between the empirical world and its art historical representation. He lives in Mexico and London.
Jane Ward’s collaged digital images of idealised environments depict a world in transition. This subsequent confusion of scale and fragmentation leads to perceptual questions around reality and the imaginary. Jane Ward Is carving a substantial name for herself in the world of contemporary art.

Opening Wednesday - Saturday 12:00 - 18:00
This exhibition is in two locations
R O O M London 31 Waterson Street
58 Elsham Road London W14
At Elsham Road the exhibition will be open on 25 June from 4-8.30pm and will be open on Fridays and Saturday only from 12-6pm or by appointment