19 February - 28 March

Working intuitively and approaching the subjects through concerns such as composition, light and shadow, Carolyn Bunt creates carefully constructed, poetic images which are suggestive rather than descriptive. Investigating the phenomenon of seeing, she makes the viewer conscious of the process of looking. This is a practice of recognition, of confirmation, an act of homage to pre-existing spaces and objects, drawing the viewer into an �unknown place� and giving them space to withdraw and contemplate. Her work references painting without being sentimental, but incidentally lifting the images away from direct photographic documentation.

Her work raises the same question often aimed at Minimalism - where is the work? The answer is the viewer and his/her relationship with the work. Here the traditional aim of simply representing something is not the point. The questions provoked by the image are more interesting.

Since 2007 she has completed research trips and residencies to Patagonia, Berlin, Siberia, Mongolia, China and Uruguay. Desolate, empty, inhospitable, isolated, remote and stark are some of the adjectives to describe the appeal of these locations. From this information Carolyn creates a myriad of images, some of which are manipulated to achieve a surreal loneliness. Their simpleness and stillness hides the reality that they are but a fragment of a much bigger story.

Carolyn Bunt lives and works in Bristol. She has an MA in fine art printmaking from University of West of England from 2003 and her background is in Graphic Design.

Opening Thursday - Sunday 12:00 - 18:00