15 January 2005 - 13 February 2005


The first room was a cave. Descent is a new work by Tabatha Andrews inspired by the extraordinary network of underground tunnels and caves that lie beneath R O O M. Our most primitive experiences of architecture were formed first in the body and then in the cave. Descent will explore the relationship of the cave to these experiences using light to animate space.
The relationship between the projection, the surrounding architecture, the body and the eye is questioned here, creating a more erotic experience than a revelatory one. The work makes reference to the 'phantasmagoria' of pre-cinema with its crepuscular imagery, shifting the boundaries between reality and illusion.

'To me, sculpture is a means of visualising the invisible, by giving material form to those things we can sense but not see. I am interested in the point at which language breaks down, and communication enters a primitive state.'

Tabatha Andrews works in sculpture and installation, often responding to specific sites and contexts. She studied at Glasgow School of Art and the Slade School of Art and was the Artist in Residence at Gloucester Cathedral in 2002-3. She has just received a major Arts Council award to further her research. She will be showing at Plymouth Arts Centre and Devonport Military Docks in May 2005.