RICHARD BEVAN, a recent MA graduate from the Slade School of Fine Art, showed at ROOM a specially devised 16mm film, ‘Usher’, produced in the Renoir Cinema. He has now produced a new site-specific work for Zoo 2009.
Whether reproducing the mystery of a cinema environment, or capturing a memory of the quality of sunlight in an empty room, Richard Bevan’s films gently carry and unwrap a moment before us. The incidents that Bevan composes in his films are only ever fleetingly present to us, and part of their poetry is suspended in this vicarious experience that is always just beyond our grasp.

CAROLYN BUNT, through the discipline of photography, is engaged intensely with the act of looking, and concentrates on a kind of visual scrutiny, into which the viewer is drawn, generating a particular quietness and strength. Significant events lie hidden in her seemingly empty but quietly powerful photographs and prints. These wounded landscapes hide the dark truths of secret histories. Turbulent clouds prevent these locations from existing solely as beautiful places of natural innocence. Their power lies in the withholding of their stories. Conceptually they drift away from documentary photography into a phenomenon of discovery.