3 September 2009 - 27 September 2009


The exhibition includes a new project in the shipping container, CABIN/ET by Architrope and work in the gallery. It explores our desires for definition in the 'Other' as an ongoing process. Whether it is the certainty of a geologist’s specimen, the iconic image of a cowboy or concepts of 'home', the exhibition emphasis process over definition and identification.

'Cowboy' is a large projected video portrait of the artist as cowboy. The iconic image collides with a sound track more akin to a home movie. The sculptural forms found in the work remove the character of the ‘cowboy’ from the viewer; the projection speaks of the language of space, creating complex ideas of cultural belonging and also negotiating the otherness of the viewer. 'Mobile Home House' is a large backlit image of a mobile home in the far north of Canada, halfway through its transformation into a house. The image was taken in the arctic twilight, conceptions of night and day with an uncanny sense of temporal ambiguity. Meanwhile ‘Log Cabin Caravan’ is an image of a caravan painted like a log cabin, engaging the viewer further with this notion of unknown and inbetween space, while the inhabitants creation of domestic life, highlights this notion of transitional spaces and transformative objects.

In CABIN/ET #3, ‘Virtual Object’ is presented as a video projection on the wall of the Cabin. As you enter, you see the still image of a rock suspended on the wall. As you move closer or to the side, the rock begins to revolve and rotate, tracking and translating your movements in the manner of a reflection in a mirror – an uncanny experience. Virtual object’ juxtaposes a geological sense of identification of the rock, with a personal sense of identification of self as ‘object’ in the ‘mirror’ and the technology of the spectacle, representation and seduction. It exists in a symbiotic relationship with another work 'Holding Environment' by the KnowlesEddyKnowles Collective; the heat generated by the computer processing of ‘Virtual Object’ incubates a batch of fungal spores that create mycelia, rhizomes and fruiting bodies.

Directed by Tom Wolseley, Architrope has become an umbrella organisation to facilitate CABIN/ET and associated projects and collaborations. Using 'Artchitrope', Wolseley taps into the theory of psychological transitional space; the space between you and the object - the physical and the psychological reality. By interrogating the notion of transitional spaces, and the relationship of objects in the context of space, he asks how the transformative object relates to the transition of space.

Special Editions

On the occasion of the exhibition 'Transit, Transition, Transformation', R O O M gallery is pleased to announce a new special limited edition by Architrope/ Tom Wolseley;

'Log Cabin Caravan'
Photography, ‘C’ type print, 75 x 82 cm
Edition of 15...............................................£250

Two special publications by ARCHITROPE PRESS are also available;

'And a Green Glass Wall’...............................£45

This exhibition is supported by Maersk, Pentalver and Tiger

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