22 November 2008 - 21 December 2008

Brown�s practice is concerned with the phenomenology of metamorphosis.
For R O O M he has constructed an act of surrealism that literally radiates through the space. The viewer follows a path directed by a familiar heated copper piping framework supporting carefully selected and juxtaposed readymades, creating a distorted domestic landscape.
The environment suggests the physicality of narrative. This in turn re-animates the transformation each found object implies. A charcoal bag that�s made in cast iron has become a wood burning stove, changing its role from carrier to combuster. A pheasant (originally from India) masquerades as an English trophy, sitting contorted and stuffed on its nifty pipe pedestal. Charcoal objects that have been transformed by Brown from wooden ornaments, parade on chipboard plinths. Each grouping invents another stage in the dreamlike story. Its clunky roughness disrupts any possibility of smooth talking and easy references.

Opening Thursday - Sunday 12:00 - 18:00