30 October 2008 - 16 November 2008

16 mm film installation

Whether reproducing the mystery of a cinema environment or capturing the memory of a quality of sunlight in an empty room Richard Bevan�s films gently carry and unwrap a moment before us. The artist, a recent graduate from the Slade School of Fine Art, will show There must be Happy Endings, a 16mm installation film intervention created for the space at R O O M, accompanied by the installation Usher which was filmed at the Renoir cinema in West London.

Like the cinema world it refers to, Usher plays with our sense of the familiar. The minor character of a cinema attendant is the sole object of focus, signalling to us from the dark with her flashlight. This simple, repetitive signal weaves an obscure path between light and sound. Between beams of light we are drawn in amongst all the expectation of a dark auditorium space.

These works bear the quality of documents, tracing the journey of an idea from one form to the next. The incidents that Bevan composes in his films are only ever fleetingly present to us and part of their beauty is suspended in this vicarious experience that is always just beyond our grasp, out of reach.

Private View: Wednesday 29 October
Opening Thursday - Sunday 12:00 - 18:00