25 February 2005 - 26 March 2005

An exhibition of paintings by Sam Fisher together with a work using a sound recording by Juan Cruz.

The works in this exhibition were not made with any pre-conditions that they would complement each other, but with the confidence that in their meeting they would generate new meanings. Conjunctions of events in our studios and our working lives affect developments in both places. They bring things together not so much as summative statements but as stages in a lived process.

We could extract some themes from the pairing of these paintings by Sam Fisher with a sound-based piece by Juan Cruz: memory, translation, loss, belief, concealment. But objects and events have a way of evading these incorporations, and also of suggesting unexpected coincidences and combinations of meanings. We know that we have to learn to forget in order to have any potential of accepting another meaning for anything. Without this ability, we would become saturated with fixed memories, resistant to change and towards anything that called for a movement towards the unknown.

Sam Fisher is Head of the BA Fine Art programme at Goldsmiths College London, and Juan Cruz is a Lecturer on the programme.