17 OCTOBER 2008 - 20 OCTOBER 2008

R O O M's exhibition programme presents a broad range of contemporary art practice together with performance events and screenings. The adjoining square outside the gallery space has recently played host to Tim Brennan's peripatetic manoeuvres as well as a performance recreating a Caspar David Friedrich painting.

R O O M aims to prioritize an open, reflexive engagement with the works it shows. Here Katie Paterson's 'ice records' made with the meltwater from three Icelandic glaciers exemplify a contemplative sensibility, while the tiny three-dimensional worlds of Takahiro Iwasaki's assemblages spin an imaginative gloss on the everyday landscape.


Richard Bevan
Tim Brennan
Kieran Brown
Takahiro Iwasaki
Penny Klepuszewska
Katie Paterson
Jayne Parker
Jane Prophet
Lesley Punton
Emma Stibbon
Roy Voss

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